promoting energy efficiency. Smappee makes it easier for people and companies to use (renewable) energy more efficiently via a connected ecosystem. We continuously invest in future-proof solutions that can be adapted to any energy scenario at any time with additional modules, options and services. Thanks to the energy efficiency solutions from Smappee, you are prepared for the coming energy transition and the (r)evolution of the smart grid.

Intelligent charging solutions with dynamic load balancing.

Smappee’s dynamic load balancing maximizes the use of solar energy to charge electric cars throughout the day. Thanks to Smappee’s unique artificial intelligence, you can optimize your self-sufficiency and save costs. Meanwhile, Smappee’s autonomous overload protection ensures that your building’s system stays within its performance limits. Even with additional demand from electric car charging, no expensive modifications to your electrical installation are required. This is smart charging!

Easy charging for electric car drivers.

With a charging capacity of 3.7 to 22 kW per charging station (1- or 3-phase) and charging mode 3 (IEC 61851), the Smappee EV Line charging stations are suitable for every electric car and every electrical installation. Thanks to the possibility of using fixed charging cables (type 2), you can start charging as soon as you arrive. Plug in your car, scan the QR code or swipe the RFID badge to start charging. In addition, the Smappee app gives you an insight into your charging process and charging data in real time.

Insight and control for charging station management.

The dashboard provides charging station managers with a detailed overview of the charging processes, costs and income per charging point. This allows you to easily manage revenue by applying different tariffs and priorities down to the user level. Choose Smappee CPO services for a simple all-in-one payment solution or work with an external CPO.

Easy to install.

The Smappee EV Line charging station is an all-in-one solution. The Smappee EV Base is installed and operational in a few hours and the EV Wall is even installed in less than an hour. Thanks to the integrated LED lights, additional wiring for lighting the parking lot or garage is not necessary. The integrated differential eliminates the need for an additional control panel. The charging station is configured with simple wiring and installation instructions. Watch the installation film or download the manual.

Fast and intelligent DC charging.

Would you like to expand your charging offer with DC charging? Smappee EV Base Ultra is fast, intelligent and compact. Featuring the award-winning EV Line design, it offers 160kW of DC charging, ensuring your electrical infrastructure stays within its limits. In combination with EV Base or EV Wall, it offers the most energy-efficient charging performance on the market.

Part of the Smappee ecosystem.

You can easily integrate Smappee charging solutions into Smappee’s intelligent energy management system for buildings (BEMS). In this way, you not only receive charging data, but also detailed energy insights and control over the energy flows in your building, for optimal energy efficiency and maximum self-consumption.

An intelligent charging solution for your needs.

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