Smappee Infinity.

Smart energy management for every energy requirement.
Energy, solar, gas and water at a glance.
Real-time data and data history via app and in the dashboard.
Intelligent control and dynamic load balancing.
Compatible with IoT products and services.
Easy installation, low maintenance.
Modular, future-proof.

All-in-one energy management system.

Smappee Infinity offers a single solution for voltage monitoring and dynamic load balancing between solar, electric vehicle and other devices in homes and buildings via a cloud-based interface. New phase measurement capabilities enable the Infinity modules and gateway to aggregate more data, reducing costs for (multi)family and enterprise systems. Read all uses for personal and commercial use.

A modular solution for every energy need

We know that every customer is different. For this reason, flexibility was a priority in the development of Smappee Infinity. Thanks to our flexible and comprehensive offer, you alone can select the functions and services that are required. From intelligent charging of electric vehicles and optimized self-consumption to significant energy and cost savings. Do you need more control, data or services in the long term? No problem! You can always expand the existing solution to meet your changing needs. Discover the different Smappee modules for the different applications.

data measurement

Smappee CT Hub collects energy data by measuring different currents with up to four current transformers (CTs) or Rogowski coils. For a simple and cost-effective alternative, use the Smappee Solid Core three-phase CT. Or add a Smappee Input Module to count pulses or monitor input status with up to four digital inputs. Add Smappee Gas & Water for detailed data on gas and water consumption.

Smappee CT Hub

Smappee Solid Core 3-Phase CT

Smappee Input module

Smappee Gas & Water

Split Core CTs 50A - 400A

Rogowski coil 0 - 4,000 A

Smappee MID meter

data calculation

The Smappee Power Box measures the mains voltage of the connected phases, the currents of the current transformers and calculates the active/reactive power as well as other energy and power quality data.

Smappee Power Box


The Smappee Genius is the interface between the Smappee modules and the Smappee Cloud and thus ensures that data is stored securely. It also interacts with Smappee’s engines and third-party components, enabling automation and dynamic load balancing. Use Smappee Connect or Wi-Fi Connect as a cost-effective way to expand Smappee Infinity’s communication capabilities. Consult our guide to choose the right Smappee gateway

Smappee Genius

Smappee Connect

Smappee Wi-Fi Connect


Control devices (groups) remotely with the Smappee Switch or the Smappee Output Module. The output module can also be used as a control signal for intelligent devices. In addition, you can integrate EV charging stations and third-party IoT applications via the Smappee app. Finally, you can set up rules to connect and control smart devices with the Smappee machines and schedule your car charging sessions with the Smappee app.

Smappee Output module

Smappee Switch

Smappee EV Line

Multiple ways to access your data.

Providers and users can access this data in various ways. There is an API for integration with HEMS/BMS systems, a professional dashboard for in-depth analysis, and an easy-to-use app for consumers.